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See all these functions work to do your job better.

Getting it Straight

We align the text in the instrument and remove blemishes.


Recognizing text

We recognize and extract the text from these instruments.

Super sonic search

Search so fast, the documents are pulled up as you type.


Fast filters and facets

Quickly filter the documents and easy to identify categories.

Copy and Paste

Identifying key pieces of informations and allowing you to copy and paste from the text.


Visualize instruments on a map

We are working around the clock to plot instruments on the map, including oil and gas leases, deeds, and releases.

Works great on mobile

We have optimized the search to work great on Iphone, Android and tablets.


Attributes that go beyond the index

More than just index data, we capture the facts you need to know such as “does the document contain a mineral reservation?

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